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Interview de Mohamed El Ouahdoudi, Directeur Général de la Convention France-Maghreb. Il est vrai que l’image publique du Maghreb en France est contrastée. Il y a encore des clichés. Nov 15, 2009   Continue
Ben Novak
26 April 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
Chigwell Holdings has finalised the designs for the much awaited Phenom Park Apartments. The company undertook extensive research on target clients’ aspirations to be able to deliver a Continue
18 April 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
Le jeudi 13 Avril dernier, SOGELUX et ABB ont renforcé leur partenariat par l’inauguration officielle du showroom ABB, un espace aménagé dans l’enceinte de SOGELUX où est exposé tout Continue
13 April 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
Mozambique has launched the “Terra Segura" program aiming at registering 5 million parcels and 4 thousand communities in a period of 5 years, to secure land tenure. Continue
05 April 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
SOGELUX exerçant dans la vente de matériels d’électricité, se retrouve à cheval entre ses fournisseurs et ses clients. Cette position lui permet de véhiculer l’information entre les deux Continue
04 April 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
The National Housing Corporation (NHC) of Tanzania has embarked on another ambitious mega-project focusing on the country’s capital, with the aim of transforming Dodoma by creating residential Continue
20 March 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
Chigwell Holdings has just launched sales for their Phenom Park Phase 3 project. This is after successfully completing the 1st Phase comprising 72 townhouses which have now been occupied and Continue
23 February 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
Sollatek was recently contracted to provide the supply and installation of Power Backup Systems (PBS) for the University of Nairobi, in a project named CRISSP. Continue
08 February 2017 |
Sandra Francisco
The year 2016 proved to be quite a successful year for Chigwell Holdings. The company’s project, Phenom Park performed exceptionally well in the market considering that the real estate industry Continue
14 December 2016 |
Sandra Francisco
Centum Investment Company Limited recently announced its unaudited financial results for the six-month period ended 30 September 2016. Continue
13 December 2016 |
Sandra Francisco
Africab, le leader du VTC en Côte d’Ivoire, lance « Africab Invest », une offre d’investissement à destination des particuliers, permettant à toute personne résidant en Côte d’Ivoire Continue
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