Kuwait Aviation
Kuwait Airways, Leading Airways in Kuwait
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 17:15

Kuwait-Airways,-Hamad-Abdullatif-Al-Falah,-Chairman-and-MD,-23.2.10,-S.jpg Leading Airways in Kuwait, Kuwait Airways, Chairman, Hamad Abdullatif Al Falah

Kuwait Airways is a diamond, and whoever buys with Kuwait Airways will be a winner.  We have the best pilots, engineers, technicians, and training center that serves many Arab countries.  Kuwait Airways is ahead of our competitors with regard to all of these aspects.  Kuwait Airways is at the end now because our aircraft are older and smaller in number.  If we have a bigger number of aircraft we can offer more destinations and with newer aircraft we will be more competitive and we can capture more of the market.

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait Airlines
Monday, 29 March 2010 10:42

jazeera-airways-stefan-pichler.png Kuwait airline, Jazeera Airways, CEO, Stefan Pichler

We want to offer a low cost Kuwait airline and have the highest revenue possible.  Business class for Jazeera Airways is about nothing more than generating higher revenues and Jazeera Airways wants to target all segments in Kuwait and elsewhere.  Jazeera Airways would love to have business travelers travel on Jazeera Airways so that is why we would want to offer this.  Offering attractive fares for both business and economic class is our priority.

Kuwait Travel Market, Wataniya Airways
Friday, 07 May 2010 18:22

George-Cooper-wataniya-airways-ceo.png Kuwait Aviation, Wataniya Airways, CEO, George Cooper

The Kuwaiti National market even though it is a small population.  Kuwaiti Nationals travel a lot both for business and leisure.  We are not in a price driven market, and the scheduling isn’t always most important, however, what is most important is the quality of experience brought to the customer by the airline.  In the region there are airlines that provide this world-class experience and we wanted to figure out how to differentiate ourselves among them with our level of experience.

Aircraft Leasing in the Gulf
Thursday, 01 April 2010 09:02

Ahmed-A.-Al-Zabin,-CEO-of-ALAFCO.png Kuwait Aircraft Leasing, ALAFCO, leading aircraft leasing company in the Gulf CEO, Ahmed A. Al Zabin

Within Kuwait and the Gulf, ALAFCO is trying to promote leasing as a good method of purchase and show the advantages of leasing aircraft. Leasing in Kuwait and the Gulf has reached 40-50% and this shows how acceptable leasing is becoming compared to the 10-15% it used to be a few years ago in the Gulf. The general public awareness in Kuwait and in the Gulf about leasing is increasing and people are beginning to understand ALAFCO and how ALAFCO operates.