Hospitals in Kuwait | 5 Largest Hospitals in Kuwait
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Top Hospitals in Kuwait

Top Hospitals in Kuwait

The public sector is the largest provider of Healthcare in Kuwait and constitutes around 90% of the market in number of beds and services. The trend to shift the services from the public sector to the private, in the areas where the pubic is not efficient enough (plastic surgery).

The public sector provides primary, secondary and tertiary services whereas the private sector focuses on primary and secondary. The private sector is booming and more hospitals are being constructed driven by the demand. The big corporations are shifting towards private sector healthacare and provide their employees with the insurance. The government provides comprehensive advanced health services for all nationals free of charge. It also avails the same for expatriates for considerably symbolic charges. Several hospitals and health clinics are established and supported with physicians in different specializations, The total number is 21 hospitals, 6 of which are. General hospital and 15 are specialized hospitals.

The majority of the private sector hospitals are family owned. Kuwait is reforming its healthcare system through various channels, and the KDP is allocating millions of dollars toward a very ambitious plan to increase the amount of hospital beds by 3,565 (60%). There are about 82 primary health centres spread over the country and Secondary healthcare services are provided by the six major hospitals: Sabah hospital, Amiri hospital, Adan hospital, Farwaniya hospital, Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital and Jahra hospital.

In addition to that there are 13 private hospitals with the capacity of 964 beds (6 of which contain over 100 beds, and 7 of which contain less than 100 beds). Kuwait has only 19 beds per 10000 people compared to 39 in the UK. in March 2011, the government officially launched the Kuwait Health Assurance Company (KHAC), a PPP deemed one of the Middle East's biggest healthcare companies, to handle medical insurance hospitals in the country. The majority of expats employed in the private sector—who currently seek healthcare attention in public hospitals and clinics—will instead be covered by the KHAC's three new hospitals and 15 private clinics, which should be operational by 2015. Likewise, Kuwaiti citizens will also be allowed to use the private hospitals free of charge, creating a complimentary service and increasing levels of efficiency.

Jaber Hospital, which will be one of the largest projects in the Middle East.

Top Specialized Medical Institutions in Kuwait

Dasman Diabetes Institute
Dr. Kazem Behbehani | Director General
Founded by by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and related conditions in Kuwait through effective programs of research, training, education, treatment, and health promotion and thereby improve quality of life in the population
. Dasman Diabetes Institute is respected world-wide for its well-organized efforts to combine world-class expertise with effective social outreach in Kuwait. a unique institution in the world. Kuwait has the 3rd highest incidence of Diabetes in the world. Non-communicable diseases accounted for more than 60% of the diseases in Kuwait.
Interview: Diabetes in Kuwait: Kuwait`s No. 1 Health Problem
Article: Diabetes in Kuwait: Special Report on Alarming Rates of Diabetes

Top Private Sector Hospitals in Kuwait

 Al Salam Hospital
Is the largest private sector hospital. Al-Salam International Hospital is a 169 bedded hospital, providing Obstetric Gynecology, Surgical, Medical, Pediatric and Critical Care Services. As a commitment to its logo statement "Excellence in Patient Care" and utilizing the Accreditation Canada Performance Improvement Standards as a mean of fulfilling the organizational mission and vision, SIH ensures the acquisition of state-of-art technology, recruitment of highly qualified and trained clinical and non-clinical workforce, provision of continuing education programs and keep abreast with .evidence-based practice. Al Salam hospital is a subsidiary of the KFH.

 Hadi Hospital
With 7370 operations (18% market share) Hadi Hospital is considered the 2th largest private hospital in Kuwait.

 Dar Al Shifa Hospital
With 5128 operations (12% market share) in 2010, Dar Al-Shifa is considered 3rd-4th largest private hospital in Kuwait. In 2003, Dar Al-Shifa Hospital moved to a 17,000 square meters building in Hawally City run by a team of American and European experienced medical experts, comprising a one-day Surgery Ward, five Imperial Suites, fifteen Royal Suites, 55 Special Suites, eight Labor Rooms, six Operating Theaters and 45 Outpatients Clinics.

  New Mowasat Hospital
With 5303 operations (13% market share) in 2010, New Mowasat is considered 3rd-4th largest private hospital in Kuwait. The New Mowasat Hospital was established in 1965. Ever since, the hospital has grown to become a leading provider of premium healthcare in Kuwait. The hospital is owned by Mowasat Healthcare Company (MHC) which is a publicly traded company on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. MHC is the healthcare arm of Nafais Holding Company which is focused on being the market leader within the Arabian Gulf in each of the business segments that they operate in.

  Royale Hayat
With 2303 operations (6% market share) in 2010, Royale Hayat is considered 5th largest private hospital in Kuwait.
  Tiba Hospital
With 2159 operations (5% market share) in 2010, Tiba Hospital is considered 6th largest private hospital in Kuwait.

Al-Seef Hospital
Not ranked. Al Seef Hospital began service in 2009. Committed to delivering the best health care in the region, we are driven to establish a new benchmark in health services, providing a wide range of specialized services to the Kuwaiti families.

Top Public Hospitals in Kuwait

 Al Sabah Hospital
One of the largest public sector hospitals, Al Sabah Hospital includes 506 beds was serving 20823 inpatients & 578454 outpatients staff.
 Al-Amiri Hospital
Al-Amiri is a general hospital in Safat. The hospital is equipped with an outpatient service and serves around 400000 people.  
 Farwaniya hospital
 Mubarak Al-Kabeer
Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital is a general hospital built in Jabriya, Kuwait in 1982. The hospital was named after Shiekh Mubarak Al-Kabeer Al-Sabah. It serves the Hawalli Governorate and covers about 700,000 people in the area.
 Jahra hospital

Top Health Care Providers 

United Medical Services
Dr.Abdul Rahim Fahed Al-Zaid | CEO
The UMS was founded in 2003 to invest and improve the quality of the private healthcare sector in Kuwait by providing comprehensive range of medical services as per the International health standards. Currently, the International Health Services Company (IHS) ,Maidan Clinics, Al-Seef Hospital and the United Laboratories Company (ULC) got a big number of patients which is expected to increase to more than doubled; thus making our group the leader provider for private healthcare services in the region. Ownership ( Al Zumorrodah Holding Co & KIPCO)



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