Viewpoint The Threat of a Declining China: The Rise of Chinese Militaristic Nationalism Many Americans view China’s emergence as the world’s second largest economy with trepidation. The US, it seems, is in Continue
Jacques Yétérian
21 November 2014 |
Jacques Yétérian
Viewpoint Lebanon: Not the Summer anyone Expected It was going to be a different summer -- politically, economically, and security wise, for the average Lebanese and visitors alike. Continue
15 April 2014 |
Isslam Moubarak
Viewpoint Samir Kassir Foundation Quarterly Report on Press and Cultural Freedom Violations - Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine The latest report on press and cultural freedom in Lebanon, Syia, Continue
12 December 2013 |
Ben Novak
Viewpoint Kidnapped Spanish journalists have spent months in captivity Javier Espinosa, bureau chief of EL MUNDO in the Middle East with 25 years of front line reporting, and Ricardo Continue
27 November 2013 |
Jacques Yétérian
Viewpoint Libya, a case of Western interests and the liberation into chaos Because of the speed at which news stories develop, and are replaced by new events, it is not surprising that Libya, Continue
21 November 2013 |
Jacques Yétérian
Viewpoint In Defense of Drones If terrorists must be killed, then drones are the preferred tool for doing the job. Continue
18 October 2013 |
Jacques Yétérian
Viewpoint SKeyes Demands the Release of Samir Kassab and All Journalists Abducted in Syria Today, 20 foreign journalists, photographers and writers are missing in Syria. Continue
17 October 2013 |
Jacques Yétérian
Viewpoint Iran Opening: Keep It Simple Will someone explain why they consider the policy issues raised by Iran's recent move much of an issue, a subject that needs much deliberating? Unlike Continue
12 September 2013 |
Ben Novak
Viewpoint Music Ends for Beirut's Hard Rock Café After 17 years of existence, the Beirut franchise of the Hard Rock Cafe closed its doors, as announced in a statement on the restaurant's FB Continue
02 September 2013 |
Ben Novak
Viewpoint Statement by Barack Obama on Syria Ten days ago, the world watched in horror as people were massacred in Syria in the worst chemical weapons attack of the 21st century. The US Continue
13 August 2013 |
Ben Novak
Viewpoint Who needs change? Lebanon's youth parties waive off reform For decades, Lebanese politics has been ruled by a small group of men. So why not get some fresh faces in government? Continue
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