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In this text, Alais Mwasha, Tax Partner at Basil & Alred, shares his views on the implementation of VAT between Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania.
In this text, Godfrey Mramba, Managing Partner at Basil & Alred, discusses the downside of proposed tax measures in the 2016/2017 budget.
Since opening its door in 2011 Basil & Alred has grown to become one of the leading professional services firms operating in Tanzania. Offering full-service assurance, tax and advisory
Nehemiah Kyando Mchechu gives his assessment of the housing sector in Tanzania, mentioning opportunities in this area, as well as challenges to be faced. He also gives an overview of Tanzania's
Coy Buckley gives an overview of EFTA, a Tanzanian finance company specialised in serving small and medium enterprises and farmers, through equipment loans of up to USD 80,000.