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For a leader who shot to the peak of his political career - the Presidency - through the untimely demise of his boss, getting the love and sympathy of the people in his first days in office was guaranteed. Ghana's President Continue
Dominika Bzduchova
07 February 2016 |
Jacques Yétérian
Ghana's electricity demand is expected to move from 2,000 megawatts to 6,000 megawatts in the medium term before peaking at 8,000 megawatts in the long run. This strong growth in demand amidst a Continue
13 January 2016 |
The insurance industry in Ghana is dominated by the non-life business, which constituted 48.8 percent of the total gross written premium in 2013. Continue
07 January 2016 |
"The main sectors are real estate, both for sale and long term asset generation i.e. hotels and office buildings; for immediate sale we have residential apartments, houses and land," explains Ian Continue
06 January 2016 |
"Sara Group on the African continent is represented by Haiflow. Today Haiflow currently has four branches that are operational in Ghana, mainly in Accra and the suburbs," explains Karim Ghazale, Continue
05 January 2016 |
"Ghana is still a destination that is intriguing for a lot of people because we still have a lot of potential, we have always had potential but we haven’t yet taken off in a big way," says Prince Continue
05 January 2016 |
"What really makes anyone do the things they do is the passion to impact people’s lives positively and probably because they think they can change the way things are done if they think they have a Continue
05 January 2016 |
"We have been very successful in positioning Ghana as a peaceful, stable, democratic country within which there is a clear legal and regulatory framework to invest in," says Mawuena Trebarh, CEO of Continue
05 January 2016 |
"We are compelled to look again at retooling and reengineering some of the existing power infrastructure but also bringing on stream alternative renewable energy solutions etc. and ensuring that they Continue
05 January 2016 |
"Ghana is not unlike many countries globally that have been challenged with some of the economic issues that have confronted the business community all over the world," says Mawuena Trebarh, CEO of Continue
11 December 2015 |
Dominika Bzduchova
Marcopolis compiled a list of Ghana’s top ten sectors to consider for investment. Continue
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